In the increasingly competitive world of automotive repair estimation, you need every advantage you can get over your competition. Bluescope provides a complete solution for estimating and quoting repair costs. This fully integrated package is designed to be more than just an estimating system; it's intended as your one-stop body shop management and operational centre.

This multi-layered, comprehensive solution offers various sub-systems from Quoting to Body Management, Loan Car reservations, Electronic Document repository, Insurance/Parts Exchange gateways, Parts Ordering, Reporting, Invoicing and Accounting. This single solution caters to all the repairer's needs to relieve them from working with different vendors and integrating multi-systems.

The enterprise class solution includes key capabilities like Quoting, Body management, Job process management, Job scheduling & costing, Car rental management, WebDAV enabled document management, Insurance and Parts Exchange Gateways, Reports, Accounting and integration with proven accounting solutions like Quick Books and MYOB.


Bluescope has a proven expertise in education domain with its own product KnowView for a next generation institution needs in the current interconnected world.

KnowView is an enterprise class academic collaboration suite enables students, faculty, staff and management to access real-time information and connects them. It is an adaptable solution serving all sizes and types of institutions from universities, colleges, schools to multi-campus establishments.

Know view Collaboration portal enhances the educational experience by providing rich set of tools that enables Collaboration, Content Management, Process Management, Statistical analysis and easy communication by means of on-line portal, email and SMS.

Know view significantly reduces faculty time spent on administrative tasks, dramatically improves data efficiency, provides consistent information across courses, students and student's performance, helps cultivate strong relationships, and produces valuable reports.

Know view Analysis report will help the management and executives to analyze the performance of students and Faculties and improve the standard of education at various levels.

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Health Care

Healthcare industry solutions is governed by various specifications globally and standards specific to the regions. Healthcare records are highly confidential and secured to maintain the confidentiality to prevent any data steal and misuse with the extracted data.

Bluescope team expertise in design and development of healthcare related solutions like

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Hospital management administration
  • Hospital operation management - Patient registration, appointments, billing and accounting.
  • Integration with the enterprise resource planning systems specifically catering for healthcare industry needs
  • Experience in industry specific standards like HIPAA, SNOMED-CT, OpenEHR archetypes and models.
  • Mobile integration to provide mobile interfaces to various category of users to carry out their updates and publish information updates.
  • Experience in design and developing transcription file tracking system specific for e-transcription industry needs with workflow enablement.
  • Integration with claim settlement systems.


The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals licensed for use as medications. Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to deal in generic and/or brand medications and medical devices. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and ensuring safety and efficacy and marketing of drugs.

Bluescope has a strong association with the innovative solution provider in design and co-developing a comprehensive platform for sales and distribution of medicines. This includes mobile interfaces for the retailers, distributors, enterprise data synchronization with the back end ERP systems, distributor and retailer specific portal access.

The solution also has planned capabilities of integrating with business rule engines, workflow systems to be compliant with government regulations, industry specific standards and supply chain partner business rules.

Banking & Finance,Insurance & Fund management

Bluescope partnered with our banking & finance solutions providers in India and Middle East regions in design and development of integration services for trade finance system. The integration layer has to process different types of trade finance messages including SWIFT between core banking systems and trade finance portal management.


The bridge also offers a web based message dashboard to identify the messages processed in a specific date ranges, category of messages processed, messages succeeded and failed. Bluescope team performed a load testing of mid-size CBS - Core banking systems in IBM labs with different set of hardware specifications under various load conditions. The performance reports helps in a bigger way to identify the performance bottlenecks and helps in decision making for tuning.


Bluescope experienced in maintaining fund management workflow enabled solutions. The fund management solution has specific but multiple workflows to govern the activities starting from applying for fund, processing, releasing the fund in multiple phases, inspections and receiving repayment collections. This allows banks and financial institutions to manage the complete cycle of retail and corporate products, from application initiation through approval, contract till disbursement.

Bluescope develops integration of automotive quotation repair systems with Australia leading claim settlement companies in automotive industry. The integration system maintains a queue to process the messages from various claim settlement systems and process the outgoing messages from the vendor's quotation system to the qualified insurance settlement system.

insurance types

Bluescope develops Java based insurance purchase module as part of the CBS (Core banking system) offering in order to purchase different set of life insurance products and process the purchased insurance to the destination systems.

Travel & Tourism

Vacation Rentals industry is the largest and fastest growing segment in travel and tourism market. Vacation Rentals comes with huge opportunities and challenges. Studies have shown single-family homes purchased as vacation rental properties are perceived by travelers as being more secure and safer in a world of terrorism, than luxurious hotels. Industry studies show that the average number of properties managed by vacation rental management companies has been growing at the rate 10% every year.


With the exponentially expanding internet and online marketing, homeowners and property managers find it convenient to make their assets accessible to broader audience. Families and groups find rents on vacation homes to be cheap and more attractive to travelers than traditional accommodations.

Bluescope in association with specialists in vacation rental domain provide solutions to Property Management companies. The solution is designed in such a way that Property owners, Guests, Agents and Additional Service providing companies can work in sync.

Snowboard Rentals
  • Listing of properties across countries, cities
  • Online customer account registration, customer portal
  • Online availability calendar
  • Real time property booking from desktop to mobile device
  • Integration with property management back office
    management systems
  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Social networking integration to promote marketing and
    enhance revenues
  • Real time weather forecast
  • Property widgets to embed to partner websites or
  • Publish and consume REST API and SOAP web services


Bluescope team is expertise in telecom OSS/BSS for service providers. Expert team of professionals who worked extensively with industry leading telecom solution companies in rolling out solutions in telecom inventory management, order management, mediation and service activation.


Bluescope team expertise in developing and providing maintenance support for Operation Support Systems (OSS), Business Support Systems (BSS) and Network Support Systems (NSS).


Business support system deals with getting business. It hosts the ordering pages, has expert agents who can guide people while ordering equipment or requesting new connections to bring business or new orders into the system.

Operational support systems have components like the customer database, interfaces to other systems which can do billing of the services provided, provide actual telecom service (voice or data). An OSS is just a support system and can't provide the voice or data service, but it is the most crucial system in the architecture, as the entire database of the customers is held with it like hosting an interface which sends the customer data to Alcatel or SIP, which provide the actual voice and data service to customers, and also the OSS has to receive CDR's (Call data records) to bill the customers. Although the billing part is handled the billing system, the data to the billing system is provided by the OSS.

Bluescope team expertise in

  • Order management operations
  • Regulated order management for North America
  • Service activation and management
  • Inventory modeling and reporting
  • Integration with upstream systems like CRM.
  • Integration with downstream systems like activation gadgets, communication with switches, routers or any network equipment
  • Integration with leading middleware solutions

Network support system has components which take of the underlying network and can have software's which monitor the network and intimate the fault management systems of the fault. The NSS software's are configured to interact with ticketing systems, which raise incidents to network agents who are responsible to correct the faults.

  • Automatic network discovery
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment monitoring and alert management
  • Fault management and reporting
  • Firmware upgrades