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Consulting & Design

Consulting for mobile app development seeks to offer qualified leadership in mobile development activities. Years of experience in mobile application development allow Bluescope to provide guidance on device compatibility, conduct app audits, plan modernization, and create new competitive applications from the start.

We also offer end-to-end project execution for mobile projects, including mobile design, mobile app development, mobile testing, and mobile app maintenance & support.

Select mobile app consulting that has a track record of success.

The fervor of our extraordinary team and the unbridled talent that won't accept defeat keep Bluescope going. We are creators of revolutionary mobile technology who also act as disruptors.

· Experienced Team - Our success and our client's growth are our only priorities as a powerful team of professionals who are natives of the digital world.

· Exceptional Track Record - We have successfully delivered 500+ mobile apps, digital solutions, and IoT platforms for hundreds of clients worldwide.

· Decades of Experience - Bluescope has a long history and is currently at the forefront of technological innovation and customer service excellence.

Bluescope Information Technology


Implementation Services is a value-added service provided by highly qualified Lumen program and project managers responsible for achieving specific business value and success criteria in delivering practical, multi-technology implementations.

Reducing the complexity of multi-technology implementation to benefit your company.

Increase value and timeline efficiency. Experts from Bluescope offer a tried-and-true methodology to achieve your desired business results.

· To simplify complexity, reduce risk, and future-proof your investments, create large-scale, multi-technology solutions by integrating disparate teams and technologies.

· Quality Management: Work with us to ensure that technology implementation meets the success criteria while keeping the end users in mind.

· Delivery on time and within budget: Delivered on time and within the approved budget, technology implementation maximizes efficiency and innovation.

· High-caliber expertise: Experts bring knowledge from Bluescope R&D and thousands of projects.

· Modern tools: Utilize tools that automate and optimize delivery to shorten timelines.

Bluescope Information Technology


Let's integrate systems and applications.

We provide services for integration that appear to be integrated with your entire operations infrastructure. By using our integration services, you can change the structure of your applications based on your needs while also increasing their scalability and simplifying the way they

communicate with one another. By utilizing our specialized integration solutions, you can be confident that your company will receive valuable features and functionality.

Look no further if you're looking for a solution that can potentially keep your IT infrastructure and all of your business applications operating optimistically. Our in-depth understanding of integration services makes them dependable, secure, and versatile.

· Bluescope Technologies is regarded as the best provider of mobile application integration services in the outsourcing community. We have successfully combined several third-party services with mobile applications and pre-existing web, mobile, or database systems.

· By seamlessly integrating back-end applications like CMS, CRM, POS, ERP, etc., with mobile applications our team created or elsewhere, we have established good relationships in the various offshore markets.

· In a similar fashion, we have linked numerous cloud and web services to the back-end and front-end of mobile devices to introduce previously unheard-of functionality.

Bluescope Information Technology

Support & Maintenance

Iteration is a critical component of software development. The software that supports technology must go through support and maintenance procedures simultaneously.

Businesses must stay up with the ever-evolving technological trends. Success will only continue with the help of experts who can deliver reliable technical support services.

Both large and small IT organizations spend a lot of money on internal software maintenance, correction, and updating; this consumes a lot of time and resources and diverts attention from the company's essential operations. Outsourced software support and maintenance services are the answer; they help with cost savings, team productivity, and downtime reduction.

Contact our professionals immediately for excellent outsourced software support and maintenance at a 50% lower price. To keep your software development project going, we develop a launch plan, pick the best toolsets, and establish an appropriate source model. We also give consultation services to multinational corporations; our professionals analyze the viability of your software maintenance project.

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to our current clients and end-to-end software, web, mobile, and cloud application development. We create scalable architecture to support minimal maintenance expenses

· Bug-tracking, bug-fixing, technology advancements, and essential feature enhancement are all part of our continuing maintenance.

· We react quickly to situations. Inquiries from clients are always answered within 24 hours.

· Long-term collaboration potential without the danger of a service interruption.

· Experience with both modern and old-fashioned technologies.

· Flexibility in the creation and costing of service packages.

Bluescope Information Technology

App Modernization

You may achieve business goals and update your IT infrastructure by modernizing your applications. Your legacy systems should be cleaned off the rust caused by outdated technologies. Gain better value by transitioning your IT spending from high maintenance to lower expenses and encouraging creativity by utilizing complete legacy application modernization.

Application modernization services assist companies in moving outdated technology assets to more current platforms, all aiming to facilitate efficient corporate processes and increase income. Access replacement, interoperability, re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, rearchitecting, and so on. With Bluescope Technologies, along with updating and modernizing your application, you will also be able to reduce the irrelevant cost involved and increase ROI. The following are the features that you would be receiving with Bluescope Technologies Application Modernization Services.

· Adopting tools and resources like the cloud and development processes like agile can give a competitive advantage that is essential for success in the digital world.

· New business capabilities are more straightforward to implement as a result of modernization. An organization can better adapt to upcoming market and technology upheavals because of its agility.

· It is possible to switch to a contemporary, cloud-based infrastructure model that supports capacity, reach, and cost-effectiveness on demand.

· Instead of just keeping things running, organizations are free to concentrate on providing new commercial value and minimizing technical debt.

· Access teams that can supply functionality in accordance with your business needs and act as a partner in your organization.

· Utilize modernization programs as a chance to spend money on the process and technology upgrades needed to meet continuing security requirements.

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Corporate banking experience, unified portals

Customer Portals

All sorts of customer engagement experience for digital connect

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Adopt digital onboarding technologies to improve your customer acquisition & retention

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High fidelity mobile applications and service availability anytime, anywhere and across devices

    At Bluescope Technology, we know that digital transformation is a journey. It's not a destination, and it's not a one-time event.