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We believe in innovations brings in transformations we need. Founded by passionate technocrats with a shared vision, we set out to simplify the digital transformation solutions. Our pre-built solutions bring together the innovation the industry is looking for, enabling you to express your unique brand identity like never before.

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What services do we provide?

We offer wide range of services catering the needs of banking industry ranging from systems design and development, quality assessment and technical support for maintenance of banking systems etc.

Complex data integrations

Offer clear instructions on how to download the purchased templates and install them on various website platforms or content management systems.

Process Automation

Provide interactive demos and previews that allow customers to see how their chosen template will look and function before making a purchase.

Technical Support

Providing customer support for any technical issues related to the templates or their implementation.

Our expertise in banking

Leading banks in Asia Pacific, Middle East and South east Asia trusted our expertise and we proved our ROI over a decade and it continues

Digital onboarding of retail, corporate and products

End to end automation of your onboarding journey with multiple stages and approval workflows blended with. Assess and revalidate our customer identify and manage risks

Complex and enterprise integrations

We handled complex integrations of multiple back office systems and integrate with fintech partner ecosystem for banks in transaction processing

Banking Portals for trade, cash and finance

Comprehensive customer experience portals for customers of all segments and facilitate your customers to offer collaboration with their suppliers and dealers

Embedded solutions

Our solutions can co-exists with your existing portal infrastructure to augment your offering

SME portals

Offer neo portals catering the needs of SME customers and an in house app store to leverage external products and services through your banking portals

Mobile Applications

The templates work seamlessly across various content management systems and website builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of Digital Onboarding Use cases you have handled

We have handled corporate and individual POI (proof of identity) verification, email, mobile number verification, POA (proof of address) verification during onboardng process

What sort of risk profiling use cases handled

Our solutions has inbuilt capabilities to integrate with money laundering, watch list databases, bureau check for past credit history, income assessment during financial screening.

How do you handle big volume of messages and data ingestion for processing

Our solutions handled millions of transaction processing capabilities at banks and we deploy our solutions in elastic scaling clusters to meet the request spikes

How do you assure faster GoTo Market plans and adoption rate to changes?

Our low code no code (LCAP) is a foundational digital transformation platform which powers all features to roll out the solutions swiftly.

How do your solutions compliance to regulation risks?

In Banking, regulation compliance is a must need and to be 100%. Our solutions help our clients to fully compliant to regulatory reporting, security compliance, patch management and vendor risk governance

What segments of banking solutions you can help us with?

Our portfolios proved that we excel at customer experience use cases for banking from portals, mobile applications and API gateway for Open banking. We do have strong expertise in integrating the front office channels with core and back office system over the past two decades

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