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Process Automation

Business process automation streamlines and optimizes workflows by automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual errors, and improving efficiency. By leveraging advanced technologies such as business process management standards (BPMN) and artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can enhance productivity, accelerate decision-making, and drive digital transformation.

Critical needs of Process Handling

Approval flows, data integration, and stage flows are essential components of efficient business processes. Approval flows ensure proper authorization and oversight, preventing errors and unauthorized actions.

Data integration enables seamless communication and synchronization between systems, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across the organization.

Stage flows guide tasks through predefined stages, promoting consistency, transparency, and accountability in project management and workflow execution.

Process Transformation Capabilities

Authorization flows
Flexible Sequential and Parallel flows

Stage flows
Multiple and conditional stages

Business Process Flows
Multiple and conditional stages

Data Integration Flows
Multiple and conditional stages

Our Portfolios

Authorization flows in finance requests, insurance claims
Decision Management Rules Driven Authorisations

Business Process Flows
Tailor made process design and deployments


Key Capabilities.

Process Design

Design flexible processes with our process designer tool.

Process Definition Versioning

Post deployment of each process definition, system keeps the versions for tracking and governance

Decision Tables

Serves as a rule to elect a specific process definition to attach the process to a transaction.

Process Mining

Data insights about turn around time (TAT) for tasks and process duration to make better decisions.

Process Audit

Comprehensive audit on process definitions, process instances and tasks for the entire lifecycle.

Data Connectors

Connect with external systems wherever needed for data exchange.

Scheduled Triggers

Processes and events can be triggered on a scheduled basis and runs periodically.

Transition Event Triggering

Event triggers to notify on stage and tasks transitioning

Reports and Notifications

Report analytics and notifications on all channels.

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