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Why choose Bluescope for customer experience solutions?

Each of these spotlights enhances our value proposition.

Customer Portals

Gateway to all your customer channels to onboard, transact and data insights

Supplier and Dealer Portals

Empower your customers suppliers and dealers to collaborate and automate processes

Operations Portals

Unified enterprise portals for all your operations staff to server your customers in a better way

Multi experience solutions

Build and publish solutions across all devices ranging from Web, Android and iOS

Performance optimized and complianced to metrics

Built-in performance metrics compliance readiness

Zero trust security

Highly secured communications

Customer Experience Use cases

Discover the successful use cases we have handled for our customers.

Omnisegment Portals:

Web Portal for our client customers belongs to Retail, Business and Corporate segments to discover the products & services, regiter and transact for finance and leasing

Supplier & Dealer Portal:

Dealers and Suppliers of our clients collaborate on their purchase orders, invoices to feed, approve and request for finance to manage their working captital needs

User experience

Augmenting User Experience:

Instead of replacing your existing customer experience systems, our solutions can embed into the existing whereever you need tailor made user experience is required

Mobile Applications:

We offer cross platform, native applications for better user experience supporting both Android and iOS platforms

Flexible licensing

Perpetual Licensing

Annual licensing renewable per year

Software As a Service

Optimum CAPEX and OPEX costs


Tailored solutions for large-scale projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of key features you offer in your customer experience offering?

Offering self-service capabilities, Tailoring customer views to consolidate and Facilitating swift access to desired content

What we can look for in your portal solutions?

Connect Systems with your backend and tech stacks to present and process data, delivering an unified multi channel experience, streamlined customer onboarding

Shall I embed our existing views into your portals and apps?

Yes, We can accomodate your existing views embedded as widgets in our portals and at the same time our views can be embeddable into your systems as well.

How do you handle critical performance, availability and security of customer experience systems

We are aware off the critical nature of performance and data security standards. Our solutions are vetted by many financial institutions application security tests and successfully cleared the continuous surveillance.

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