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Supply Chain Finance Gateway

Finance Gateway to process finance files from Fintech partner systems

Finance Gateway to process finance files from Fintech partner systems

Business Needs

Client offers various products across multiple lines of businesses, each with different customer-facing portals, middle office, and back-office systems. However, rolling out features and additional capabilities takes a significant amount of time. The objective is to create an end-to-end integrated finance solution for the customer’s business, ensuring Dealers/Suppliers and large corporates always have working capital when they need it the most.

Dealer financing is currently booked in core banking system, but there is no integrated system for Dealer finance transactions initiated from the customer end, which is integrated with bank systems. Integration with various Fintech partners is also required, as customers of the Supply Chain are using the platform for invoice upload. Quick roll-out of changes and additional capabilities is crucial.


Our gateway serves as a Middleware application (through SFTP file transfer) across various Fintech platforms like the Vendor finance portal and Dealer finance portal with finance/payment processing systems such as FBTI/CMS. This facilitates seamless integration to provide a comprehensive financial solution tailored to the customer’s business needs.

All vertical customers are part of one-stop onboarding and file processing. Dashboards showcase the transaction status at each level. A single instance is used for integrating with various platforms within the bank.

Key Benefits

  • Single Platform: Consolidates Vendor finance and Dealer finance, reducing hardware cost overhead.
  • Integration: Integrated with various Fintech partners and finance processing platforms like FBTI and payment processing system CMS.
  • Rapid Working Capital: Customers receive working capital within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Ease of Onboarding: User-friendly Middle office screen for Ops Gateway team handling.
  • Dashboard Visibility: Dashboards represent the customer’s finance request processing status through various Fintech platforms.
  • Reporting: Reports help identify benefited customers and their processed finance amount.
  • Notification: Endpoint connectivity issues are notified to the IT team through email.


Delivered in 12 weeks

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